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At Villa San Giuseppe (Sadel S.p.A.) you will always be welcome.

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The structure has collective well-being as its objective. It offers patients efficiency and very high quality from a medical-nursing point of view and also pays constant attention to improving their level, both physical and psychological.

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Our Mission

 Our mission is to assist the elderly with adequate care, combining efficiency, serenity, comfort, diligence, balance and quality. 
The civil duty of an advanced society is also to recover the dignity of the individual in need, a priority objective of Villa San Giuseppe.

Patients will be able to take advantage of cutting-edge facilities and healthcare guaranteed by professional figures.

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Villa San Giuseppe


  • “Villa San Giuseppe” Healthcare Residence (RSA);

  • Medical Health Welfare Residence (RSA/M);

  • Healthcare Residence (RSA) “Centro San Giuseppe”;

  • Medical Health Welfare Residence (RSA/M);

  • Continuous cycle non-hospital extensive rehabilitation facility

    “San Giuseppe Center”;

  • Intensive Rehabilitation Unit code “56”;

  • Intensive Care Unit (ALS);

  • Integrated Home Care Services (ADI);

  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Center for 28 daily services;

  • Diagnostic Imaging Center.

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The Baffa Group collaborates with the University of Calabria through the structures of the Department of Environmental and Territorial Engineering and the Department of Chemical Engineering. The Group structures that are specifically subject to this are: Sadel S.p.A., Saldel San Teodoro S.r.l., Sadel CS di Salvatore Baffa S.r.l., Villa del Rosario S.r.l., AGI S.r.l., Savelli Hospital S.r.l., Casa di Cura Madonna dello Scoglio S.r.l.

The aim of the research is to activate a study program for "Advanced technologies for the improvement of the person".

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