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Home care consists of a coordinated set of socio-health interventions  

for the care and assistance of non-self-sufficient people and those in fragile conditions.

Thegoals are those of:

  • stabilize the clinical picture;

  • allow the recovery of residual capacities;

  • support the family.


These services are activated only in the presence of certain conditionsrequirements and are fundamental to guarantee adequate healthcare outside the hospital context.

Integrated Home Care is aimed solely at people:

  • not self-sufficient in whole or in part, for a more or less long period of time;

  • unable to walk or be transported to outpatient healthcare facilities;

  • supported daily by a Caregiver;

  • in suitable housing conditions.

Integrated Home Care (ADI) is a free service through which a set of home healthcare interventions and services are provided, carried out by social and healthcare professionals: doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, social and healthcare workers (OSS).

Health services provided through home care are entirely covered by the National Health Service.

 Who is entitled to ADI?

Those who have lost their self-sufficiency, forever or for a long period, are entitled to obtain the ADI. Those who can no longer walk, or who are totally dependent on a third party, and who have the possibility of activating home interventions.

When to request integrated home care


As indicated by the Ministry of Health, it is possible to request integrated home care:

  • terminal illnesses;

  • progressively disabling diseases requiring complex interventions;

  • acute vascular accidents;

  • severe fractures in the elderly;

  • severe acute psychotic forms;

  • rehabilitation of vascular patients;

  • rehabilitation in neuroleptics;

  • acute, temporarily disabling diseases in the elderly (respiratory and other forms);

  • protected discharges from hospital facilities.


How is it activated? 

The need to receive the Integrated Home Care service can be reported to the district by:

  • doctor of general medicine;

  • hospital doctor;

  • the patient himself or a family member;

  • the social worker. 



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